Save Sac Restaurants

Sacramento restaurants need your support. So much of what we love about this region goes back to food – a favorite pizza place, the bistro where you went on your first date, the taqueria that we look forward to on Friday nights. But the hard truth is that due to COVID-19, many of our restaurants won’t survive without our help. We can give them a fighting chance by enjoying a delicious meal on a restaurant patio, ordering takeout, or even buying gift cards as presents for friends and family.

Sacramento won’t be the same without our restaurants – please join us in supporting them now so they will be with us into the future.


For an in-depth look at what restaurants are facing, listen to restaurateur Henry de Vere White on the Visit Sacramento Podcast below.

Listen to "Sacramento Restaurateur Henry de Vere White: Why Your Support of Restaurants is Critical Now" on Spreaker.

Those of us who live in and visit Sacramento have always rallied to support our beloved local favorites. That’s how we kept the Sacramento Kings in town, it’s how we built Sacramento Republic FC, and it’s how we will save our restaurants and other local businesses.

ALL of Sacramento’s restaurants need your support, so we encourage you to grab take out or a gift card from your favorite spots. If you need some inspiration, you can find a list of Visit Sacramento’s partner restaurants below. Keep in mind that some are temporarily closed or having to change their hours based on incoming restrictions, so it’s best to check in with any restaurant before ordering.

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