Health & Safety Resources

Should an unforeseen circumstance occur while you are a guest in Sacramento, we have compiled several resources to assist and care for almost any crisis (or need) that should arise. 

Regarding the map below: please click on any point to view further details about services offered. To view the website for the resource, please click on the "More Info" inside of the listing.



Law Enforcement Contact Information

City of Sacramento Police: Non-Emergency Dispatch (916) 843-3000 OR (916) 808-5471
Sacramento County Sheriff's Department: Non-Emergency (916) 874-5115
California Highway Patrol: Sacramento Office (916) 731-6300
Sacramento City Parking Contact Line – Parking Citations (916) 808-8500


Community Security Services

Downtown Sacramento Partnership: Downtown Guides 

Highly recognizable in their yellow and black uniforms, the Downtown Guides act as downtown good-will ambassadors, providing visitors with directions and assistance while also acting as “eyes and ears” for local law enforcement agencies to control nuisance behavior.

To request Guide service within the Downtown District, call 916-442-2200. Read more about downtown guides.

Health & Safety Resources List

View and download a PDF of the resources listed on this page.

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