The Sacramento Tourism Marketing District (STMD) was renewed for 10 years on July 1, 2017. The STMD was established to provide additional funding to increase the level of sales and marketing activity by Visit Sacramento as it relates to Sacramento as a tourism, marketing, sports and event destination.

The funding, raised by the hospitality industry, is directed by the hospitality industry. The funds flow directly into sales and marketing activities that will be reviewed and monitored by a Tourism District Committee of industry peers - hotel managers appointed by the Sacramento Hotel Association. Each member of the Tourism District Committee is also a member of the Board of Directors of Visit Sacramento.


The STMD tourism assessment rate structure is based on a percentage fee - 3%, 2.5%, 2%, 1% - for four geographic zones within the City of Sacramento and the unincorporated area of Sacramento County. The STMD assessment is an assessment on the lodging property, not the guest; however, the assessment may be passed through to the guest at the discretion of the hotel operator. If the assessment is passed through to the guest, it should be noted as "Tourism Assessment" on the folio/bill.


The District includes zone micro-marketing dollars for specific marketing programs for each zone. Hotel managers from each zone have a voice in how their collective zone marketing dollars are spent. Ten percent of the District budget is dedicated to individual zones for local zone activities that promote, support and enhance zone-based marketing efforts. Each zone receives 10 percent of the amount collected within the zone to fund eligible programs and activities.

Click here to download a copy of the STMD Management District Plan. Please contact SHA staff at 916-441-6110 or if you have any questions.


Tourism marketing district funds are available for, but not limited to, 1) marketing of the destination; 2) tourism promotion activities; and 3) sales lead generation with the objective of generating hotel room night bookings and economic impact for the District. Please review the STMD Guidelines for an understanding of how to request funds. Once you have read the Guidelines, please complete the STMD Proposed Event Funding Application.

STMD Guidelines

STMD Fund Application (Part 1)

STMD Post-Event Recap (Part 2)

STMD Tourism Committee
Chair - David Huber, Wyndham Sacramento
Vice Chair - Nikki Carlson, Kimpton Sawyer

Zone 1 (Downtown)
Nikki Carlson, Kimpton Sawyer Hotel
Barry Miller, Holiday Inn Sacramento Downtown - Arena
Shelly Moranville, Residence Inn Downtown at Capitol Park

Zone 2 (Point West Area)
Tim Woolslayer, Hilton Sacramento Arden West 
Royce Pollard, DoubleTree by Hilton Sacramento

Zone 3 (Natomas Area)
Doug Warren, Marriott

Zone 4 (Balance of County)
David Huber, Wyndham Sacramento

2023 Committee Meetings

STMD meetings are held quarterly on the following dates:
* Jan. 9
* Apr. 17
* Jul. 10
* Oct. 9
Location: Visit Sacramento office: 1608 I St. Sacramento, CA 95814
Time: 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Agendas and Minutes
* Jan. 9, 2023

Previous STMD Agendas
* October 10, 2022
* July 25, 2022
* June 28, 2022
* April 11, 2022
* January 10, 2022
* October 2021
* July 2021 
* June 2021 (Special Meeting)
* April 2021
January 2021
* October 2020
July 2020
April 2020
January 2020
October 2019
July 2019
May 2019 – (Special Meeting)
April 2019
January 2019
November 2018 (Special Meeting)
October 2018
July 2018

* Minutes of previous meetings are posted below. For copies of earlier minutes, email
* Jul. 25, 2022 Minutes
* Jun. 28, 2022 Minutes (Special Meeting)
* Apr. 11, 2022 Minutes
* Jan. 10, 2022 Minutes
* Oct. 11, 2021 Minutes
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* Jun. 29, 2021 Minutes (Special Meeting)
* Apr. 12, 2021 Minutes
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