Welcome to America's Farm-to-Fork Capitol

Farms from the Sacramento region supply the world's best restaurants with fresh ingredients every day, but like listening to jazz in New Orleans or zipping along the Autobahn in a Porsche, everything is better at the source! Sacramento is a historical hot spot in California and has recently been proclaimed the Farm-to-Fork Capitol of America. The designation recognizes the area's local farmland, food production, export practices and a vibrant culinary scene shaped by the growing number of top-rated chefs and restaurants in the region. Come and experience everything that makes this city the "Farm-to-Fork Capital of America."

The Tourism team can arrange many different exciting activities in your Farm-to-Fork itinerary, including:

  • Farm tours
  • Craft breweries
  • Culinary tours
  • Wine tasting
  • Hands-on cooking classes
  • Industry tours
  • Award-winning restaurants
  • Unique festivals and events
  • 50+ farmers markets
  • "Meet the chef" dinners

Farm To Fork

Sacramento is America's Farm to Fork Capital. No other major city in America is more centrally located amid such a diverse range of high-quality...

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