Sacramento Brewery Passport

With Sacramento having more than 50 regional breweries, it can be hard to keep track of which ones you've visited, or where you want to go next. Enter Sacramento Beer Frontier and its brewery passport. After purchasing a passport, take it with you whenever you visit a brewery, and be sure to get a stamp each time. After four stamps, you'll get a keychain bottle opener. After 16 stamps, an English pint glass. Once you've visited them all, contact Sacramento Beer Frontier, and they will send a map of the region tracing the route you took on your brewery discovery.

Sacramento Beer Frontier founder Aaron O'Callaghan said his interest in maps led him to create the program, which launched in 2016 after a Kickstarter campaign. Now, with each brewery having its own unique stamp, beer enthusiasts around the region and beyond are picking up their passports and discovering what Sacramento beer country is all about. For details on where to pick up your passport, or to have it mailed to you before you visit Sacramento, check out the Sacramento Beer Frontier website. For a list of local breweries, click here.