Comedy Clubs

What would your vacation be without laughter? Not as good as it will be with laughter. And Sacramento’s comedy clubs are here for you. Sacramento’s comedy scene is vibrant and lively with multiple comedy clubs featuring everything from big-name performers to those who are going to be big names someday, and of course, the locals who perform simply because they love to see you laugh.

Whether it’s Laughs Unlimited on the Old Sacramento Waterfront, Sacramento Comedy Spot in Midtown or the Punchline Comedy Club in Arden Arcade near Cal Expo and the Arden Fair Mall, you’re never far from your next evening of laughs. Check the performer list for ones you want to see at the clubs below, or just hop in to see a local performance – or even take a comedy class while you’re in town.


Nightlife in Sacramento can be casual, high-energy or somewhere in between. Choose from music venues in both the arena and intimate sizes, laid back wine bars or hipster breweries, standard Broadway productions or bawdy off-the-beaten-track theater....

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