Sacramento Breweries

The Sacramento region is experiencing a craft beer renaissance, with more than 50 breweries operating in the region. Located throughout the area, multiple craft breweries are within walking distance from downtown Sacramento hotels, and others can be found in neighboring cities or on the path to other regional landmarks.

There's never been a better time to be a beer lover in Sacramento. With the explosion of the farm-to-fork movement in the city coupled with the nationwide resurgence of craft breweries, Sacramento is a destination for beer lovers. More than 50 local breweries operate in and around the city, and many of them source their ingredients locally, ensuring unique flavor profiles and truly local beers.

Brewing is in Our GenesAn old picture of Sacramento's brick building that was home to Buffalo Brewing Company.

Sacramento has a long history as a beer town. Before Prohibition, Sacramento breweries such as Buffalo Brewing Company (now the site of The Sacramento Bee) and beers made by Swiss immigrant Capt. Frank Ruhstaller took advantage of the region's agricultural bounty, making Sacramento the largest beer production spot west of the Mississippi.

Prohibition came, and the land formerly used to grow hops was converted to other crops, helping California grow a rich variety of produce, including almonds, pears, tomatoes and so much rice that today it is actually exported to Japan for use in sushi.

The Resurgence of Sacramento's Craft Scene

Today's Sacramento beer scene is vibrant, and from tours of hop yards owned by local brewers to beer dinners, multiple beer festivals, the Farm-to-Fork Celebration and craft brew tasting rooms scattered throughout the downtown and Midtown core, it's more accessible than ever before.

Stalwart Sacramento breweries have been around for more than a decade, and they're still going strong as new breweries join the scene. Over the past five years, beer makers such as Track 7 and Bike Dog have added to the scene, while Ruhstaller Beer and New Helvetia Brewing Company have also opened, paying homage to Sacramento's rich brewing past.


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