Wolfe Heights Winery

9440 Bar Du Ln Sacramento, CA 95829
: (916) 642-1234
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Wolfe Heights Estates is truly a labor of love. Katie and Felipe Martin purchased the land in 1999 and immediately went to work, envisioning a home and open spaces where they could raise their two children. After many years of hosting family gatherings, they decided it was time to share the beauty and atmosphere with others, and Wolfe Heights was born. Initially a grand and picturesque events center with an olive orchard, the Martins’ vision soon grew to include a winery and vineyard, and, in the near future, a brewery, restaurant, market, and distillery. THE VINEYARD Within Wolfe Heights’ expansive 82-acre estate lies a meticulous tapestry of vineyards, including 3 acres of Tempranillo, 7 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2 acres of Petite Sirah. Grounded in the philosophy that exceptional wine originates in the vineyard, we prioritize hand-harvesting, sustainable farming, and devoted vineyard care. Every grape cluster is meticulously tended, ensuring each one reaches its peak quality, a testament to our commitment to crafting truly exceptional wines. THE ESTATE Discover our captivating 82-acre estate adorned with vineyards, olive trees, and meticulously maintained grounds, ready for future expansion! Nestled by rose bushes near a sprawling lawn and a babbling brook, our elegant Estate House beckons. Across the vineyard awaits the rustic, well-appointed Ranch House. Guests are encouraged to stroll the path encircling the pond, under weeping willow arches, and along the olive orchard and vineyards, immersing themselves in the natural beauty of Wolfe Heights.



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