Pachamama Coffee - East Sacramento

3644 J St Sacramento, CA 95816
: (530) 204-7554
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15% off Brewed Coffee Beverages or Packaged Coffee
Blind/Low Vision Accommodations
  • Blind/Low Vision Accommodations:
  • Blind/Low Vision Accommodation Details: Large print menus and magnifying glasses
Cognitive/Autism Spectrum Accommodations
  • Cognitive/Autism Spectrum Accommodations:
  • Cognitive/Autism Spectrum Accommodations Details: We offer private rooms for rent. They are enclosed and provide significant shielding from the noise in the cafe.
Deaf/Hearing Loss Accommodations
  • Deaf/Hearing Loss Accommodations:
  • Deaf/Hearing Loss Accommodations Details: Customers with hearing-related special needs can use to order ahead and pick up their order from the counter staff.
Mobility/Wheelchair Accommodations
  • Mobility/Wheelchair Accommodations:
  • Mobility/Wheelchair Accommodations Details: Our facility is accessible by wheelchair. Our staff is available to provide assistance to customers in wheelchairs.



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