1501 16th Street #111 Sacramento, CA 95814
: (916) 382-4309
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A modern Persian restaurant for our Midtown community. Where we gather to eat together. Now open for take-out.
General Amenities
  • Average Dining Cost: $$$
  • Full-Service Bar:
  • Gluten-Free Options:
  • Group Dining:
  • Inside Number of Seats: 113
  • Locally-Sourced Menu Options:
  • Max Capacity: 150
  • Meals Served:
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
  • Outside Number of Seats: 35
  • Reservations:
    • Accepted
  • Kid-Friendly:
  • Minority-Owned Business:
  • Pet-Friendly:
  • Street Parking: Paid
Blind/Low Vision Accommodations
  • Blind/Low Vision Accommodations:
  • Blind/Low Vision Accommodation Details: Offering assistance in reading the menu or describing dishes via the server. Providing clear verbal descriptions of the layout and surroundings via the host. Offering guided assistance to navigate through the restaurant via the host. Ensuring pathways are free from obstacles or tripping hazards
Cognitive/Autism Spectrum Accommodations
  • Cognitive/Autism Spectrum Accommodations:
  • Cognitive/Autism Spectrum Accommodations Details: Soft lighting and minimal visual clutter. Allowing flexibility in ordering, such as customizing meals or accommodating dietary restrictions.
Deaf/Hearing Loss Accommodations
  • Deaf/Hearing Loss Accommodations:
  • Deaf/Hearing Loss Accommodations Details: Written menus or digital menus accessible via smartphone. Staff member trained in basic sign language- Please email to set-up (make sure that that server is there during visit) Clear visual cues for waiting staff, such as raising hands for attention.
Mobility/Wheelchair Accommodations
  • Mobility/Wheelchair Accommodations:
  • Mobility/Wheelchair Accommodations Details: Spacious pathways between tables for easy navigation. Tables with removable chairs for wheelchair users. Accessible restrooms with sufficient space.



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