Classy Hippie Tea Company

3200 Broadway Sacramento, CA 95817
: (916) 837-1977
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Elevate Your Palate and Expand Your Horizons with Classy Hippie Tea Company - A Global Beverage Company & Cultural Movement!

Are you ready to embark on a culinary and cultural journey like never before? Introducing Classy Hippie Tea Co. - a revolutionary concept in the heart of Sacramento, California, that brings the world to your plate and cultivates connections across borders.

What Sets Us Apart: Classy Hippie is not just a retail tea store; it's a cultural movement dedicated to farm-fresh foods that tell a story. As our founding members in the vibrant Sacramento region, you will spearhead a movement that explores local and global farms, savoring the authenticity of each culinary adventure.

Farm Fresh & Globally Inspired: Immerse yourself in the flavors of farm-to-table excellence. We're not just about meals; we're about the stories behind each ingredient. Join us as we visit local and global farms, forging a connection with the earth and its incredible bounty.

Cultivating Connections: At Classy Hippie, our vision extends beyond the plate. We're on a mission to provide resources to farmers worldwide, supporting sustainable practices and community growth.

Global Adventures Await: Picture yourself dining in the finest restaurants around the world, exploring the rich tapestry of cultures that make each dish a masterpiece. At Classy Hippie, you're part of a global community of epicureans and cultural enthusiasts.

Next Steps: Claim your seat at the table and be a trailblazer in Sacramento's cultural and culinary scene. Join us for our monthly First Friday meetup.
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