5215 Folsom Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95819
: (916) 538-6131
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Sacramento is our home, and the heart of Allora. Surrounded by abundant farmland, the inspiration to create is endless for the valley’s chefs, winemakers and sommeliers. Travel has ignited our passion for Italian culture. The people, language, wine and food, are the soul of Allora. Our menus are thoughtfully designed to blend both worlds, showcasing our local bounty and the spirit of Italy. The best things in life belong together, much like food and wine. Allora is the dream of a sommelier and a chef; husband and wife. Two partners who love Sacramento and are infatuated with Italy. Featuring over 250 wines, fresh pasta made daily, and a commitment to sustainable seafood, we invite you into our home. Allora is the best of where we are from, of what we’ve experienced, and what is yet to come.



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