Terra Madre Americas, May 17 - 19, 2024

Slow Wine Coalition

The Slow Wine Coalition brings together everyone involved in the international wine chain, from farmers and viticulturalists to distributors and sommeliers.  It was established to transform the wine sector by adopting sustainable techniques, promoting inclusivity, and celebrating the diverse cultures that are inherent in wine and vine making.  At Terra Madre Americas, the goal is to promote good, clean and fair wine, as well as create networking and exchange opportunities among producers, restaurateurs and enthusiasts regarding the main themes of the Slow Wine Coalition. 

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Wine Programming Calendar

Terra Madre Americas is a free 3-day conference open to the public. Find details below about additional free and paid ticketed experiences to expand your experience.

Saturday, May 18th

Slow Wine Coalition Masterclasses

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm - Everyday Wines: Wines Priced $30 and Under from Lodi and the Sierra Foothills

Presented by Deborah Parker Wong, Journalist and Slow Wine USA Director

Little known fact: Lodi and the Sierra Foothills offer affordable, artisanal wines (priced below $30). Explore California wines from lesser-known varieties originally from France, Italy, Portugal and Spain that have taken root here. Discover a Portuguese white, a lightly sparkling Mourvedre from El Dorado, a red blend from Amador County, Sangiovese from biodynamic vines in Lodi, a low alcohol Italian red blend, and heritage Cinsault from historic vines in this masterclass.

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm - Latin America: Land of Great Wines and Great Differences

Presented by Juan Gualdoni - Slow Wine Latam Coordinator

The Slow Wine Coalition is growing in countries as far away as Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia. Many are the wineries in Latin America that have approached Slow Food and signed the manifesto for good, clean and fair wine, creating the Slow Wine Latam Network. In this very interesting tasting we celebrate the fascinating enology of Latin America, which now expresses very high quality peaks. All combined with sustainable agricolture and organic and biodynamic agronomic practices. It will also be a ride through different techniques and disparate grape varieties, so we can enjoy a broad fresco of what is happening in the Latin American wine world, which may yet hold many surprises in store for us.

Sunday, May 19th

Slow Wine Coalition Tastings

12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Join us on Sunday along with 40 Slow Wine Coalition wine producers from the United States, Central America, and South America. With this ticket you will have access to taste wines from all participating wineries and have the opportunity to network with producers on their processes and challenges in today’s climate.

Must be 21+ to participate.

Enjoy wines by the following local and international wineries:

Bodega Cerro Chapeu (Uruguay), NAKKAL WINES (Uruguay), Jardín Oculto (Bolivia), Descendientes de Viticultores de Montaña (Argentina), Finca las Glicinas (Argentina), Antropo Wines (Argentina), Ritmo Lunar (Argentina), Vinos 1750 (Bolivia), Bodegas Krontiras (Argentina), Bodega Santos Brujos (Mexico), Viña la reserva de Caliboro (Chile), Pepe Moquillaza Wines (Peru)

Andis Wines, Casino Mine Ranch, Cary Q Wines, Cormorant Cellars, LLC, Cruess Wine, Donum Estate, Donkey & Goat Winery, The End of Nowhere, Ettore Wines, Frey Vineyards, La Clarine Farm, Madroña Vineyards, Matthiasson Family Vineyards, Ram's Gate Winery, Terah Wine Co.

Upper Five Vineyard

Slow Wine Coalition Masterclasses

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm - Slow Wine Goes Local

Presented by Deborah Parker Wong, Journalist and Slow Wine USA Director

The region of “Superior California” encompassing Lodi, the Sierra Nevada Foothills, the California Delta and Yolo County is home to a wealth of old vine vineyards and the Slow Wine producers who cherish them. We’ve selected wines that tell the story of these terroirs and showcase the talents of the makers whose efforts have preserved their heritage. The region favors heat-loving varieties including Cinsault, Syrah and Zinfandel but there are surprises like Albarino around every corner.

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm - Growing Great Grapes: Amador County's Legendary Shake Ridge Ranch

Presented by Deborah Parker Wong - Journalist and Slow Wine USA Director and Pam Strayer - Journalist and Slow Wine USA Co-director

California’s best winemakers and emerging vintners alike come to Sutter Creek to get great grapes. Since 2005, winemakers–from Napa’s top tiers to fledgling natural vintners–have coveted the 14 varieties legendary vineyardist Anne Kraemer meticulously grows in Amador County in the Sierra foothills from Barbera, Grenache and Syrah to Tempranillo and Zinfandel. See why in this sampling of terroir-driven wines with Kraemer and selected winemakers.