Neck and neck with an Egret – that is the situation I found myself on Saturday as I rode my bike across the Yolo Causeway just west of Sacramento. Returning from the City of Davis, I found myself being paced by an egret, flapping his wings in perfect tempo with my pedal rotations. I took the opportunity to enjoy his somewhat effortless flying as I listened to my own labored breathing. 

I looked around me and realized I was surrounded on both sides by the Yolo Basin, a natural haven for migratory birds, wildlife and of course, a somewhat endless stretch of agricultural land, filled with acres and acres of rice fields.


The Yolo Basin, a true Sacramento attraction, has many treasures that help make our area unique. The watchable wildlife and education programs for the birdwatcher, naturalist and school groups are fascinating by themselves but one that really stands out in my mind is the Bats and Wine program put on by the Yolo Basin Foundation. Between May and September, nearly 10,000 bats reside under the Yolo Causeway bridge and the Yolo Basin Foundation organizes programs for groups to view them as they emerge in one continuous cloud at dusk to feed on insects. 

Willdlife refuge with City of Sacramento in backgroundFor kids, they also offer bat education programs at their center while for adults, they work with a local winery to experience some of the local bounty.

The Sacramento region is filled with nature preserves and wildlife refuges, which are perfect for tour groups looking for Sacramento outdoor activities and Sacramento student travel ideas.