An important aspect of the farm-to-fork movement is addressing how it relates to health, and how crucial access to fresh foods -- particularly fruits and vegetables -- is when it comes to communities that don't have the amount of grocery stores and healthy eating options found in other areas.

Amber Stott founded the Food Literacy Center in 2011 to address those issues, and on this episode of the Visit Sacramento Podcast, she discusses what drove her to create the nonprofit organization, how she works with schools and the public to educate and increase access to farm-fresh foods, and how that relates to the larger conversation about farm to fork in Sacramento.

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With the coming Farm-to-Fork Festival events, she delves into what you can do to broaden your own horizons when it comes to what you eat, as well as a few tricks on how to get kids to eat healthier foods -- and even enjoy them.

Additionally, as a visitor to Sacramento, there are ways you can be a part of the work Food Literacy Center is doing, whether it be attended the annual Food Film Festival or enjoying a meal at one of the organization's Dine Smart restaurant partners, which lets you have an excellent meal knowing some of the proceeds are going to support food education.

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