Rush Hour: both a board game and an inconvenient pain

With four different major freeways that flow into downtown Sacramento, the Sacramento Convention Center is a very popular meeting facility among meeting planners who have a significant proportion of drive-in attendees.

Unfortunately this can create a parking and transportation puzzle. Dare I say, 'Nightmare?' While Rush Hour may be a fun board game, such logistics issues are no laughing matter. 

sessions and meetings -- where your delegates should beOrganizers of a series of eight annual citywide conferences sought the expertise and services of the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau (SCVB).

These meetings have gathered more than 40,000 delegates over eight (nearly consecutive) weekends. This requires about 3,000 parking spaces a day! The SCVB works closely with city parking services, private operators, and motorcoach companies, to ensure these delegates are sitting in productive educational sessions -- not traffic.

Have a specific problem during the planning of your meeting, convention or trade show? Don't fret! Ask about the convention and meeting services the SCVB can offer you and your delegates.