The Ruhstaller building in Downtown Sacramento is seen here in 1914 and 2013. Frank Ruhstaller was a Swiss immigrant to Sacramentowho arrived in the 1800s and quickly got involved with the local beer scene, which at the time was a major Sacramento industry. The region was known for its hops, which only stopped being produced in large quantities when Prohibition was passed and outlawed beer production.

Ruhstaller eventually became one of the head executives of the Buffalo Brewing Company, which was located at 21st and Q streets in Midtown Sacramento. The site would later become home to The Sacramento Bee. Ruhstaller made enough money to warrant the Ruhstaller Building's construction, which is located at Ninth and J streets.

Today, Ruhstaller Beer pays homage to Sacramento's brewing history. Launched in 2011 and owned by J.E. Paino, the beer is not made from any of the old recipes, but is approved by Ruhstaller's descendants, who still live in the area. Paino said it's important that the beers come from Sacramento. He recently began working with a local farm to once again grow hops for commercial beer production.

Sacramento is America's Farm-to-Fork Capital, and Paino said he believes local brewing is an up-and-coming aspect of that movement.

The above photo of Downtown Sacramento comes courtesy of the Center for Sacramento History's Eugene Hepting Collection (1985/024/1973).