Sacramento PrideDuring the month of June, cities all over the world celebrate LGBT Pride.  Sacramento is no exception.  Sacramento celebrates the diversity of its citizens and visitors through several Pride-related events throughout the month.  As the capital city of one of the most diverse states in the country, Sacramento takes its duty to the LGBT community seriously, year-round.  While there are several Pride-related events in June, including Sacramento Pride Festival and Parade, Sacramento remains inclusive of the LGBT traveler and resident all year.  LGBT group travelers will find a community that celebrates the diversity of our visitors and provides a tourism experience packed with value, fun, education and an environment that encourages you and your family to be yourselves.

Sacramento’s gay and lesbian visitors enjoy visiting our world-class museums, wineries, nightlife, hotels, adventure and more, Sacramento does feature many LGBT-specific events and businesses. 

Some Sacramento LGBT events include:

The Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau also works with several LGBT featured partners to encourage LGBT tourism in Sacramento.  Here are a list of some of our current partners:

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