If you are planning to hit up a Sacramento River Cats baseball game or two this spring, you’ll be in for quite a pleasant surprise when you walk into Raley Field for the first time this season. You’re probably well-aware of the awesome facility we have here in Sacramento, but what you really need to know is that It’s just getting better. Raley Field’s food offerings have been completely overhauled since last year – the first time since the ballpark opened in 2000.

Gone are the generic concession stands of the past – the ones you find in every other stadium and ballpark across the country - and here to stay are six new “storefronts" that bring eating out at the ball game to a whole new level.

In an effort to highlight the Sacramento Valley’s farm-to-fork bounty, the River Cats management team enlisted Ryan Sanders Sports Services, founded by pitcher Nolan Ryan, to reinvent the food experience for River Cats fans.

Here’s what you’ll find upon entering the stadium:

Coop & Kennel Pub. At this Irish-style pub, you’ll find chicken fingers, fish and chips and a unique version of nachos - house-made potato chips topped with smokehouse chili, cheese sauce and green onions.

Cadillac Diner. This '50s-style restaurant front was inspired by the 1989 movie Pink Cadillac, which was partly filmed in Sacramento. Here you’ll be served a variety of gourmet hot dogs named after famous movie stars. For instance, you won’t want to pass up the “Clint Eastwood” – a juicy dog served with buffalo-style sauce and topped with fresh bleu cheese. There's also the Tom Hanks Dog...

Oso’s Mexican Cantina. After a fan survey revealed that Mexican food was the no. 1 requested food type at the stadium, management decided to work tacos into the mix. Make sure to order the “taco flight,” an entrée that includes one chicken, one beef and one pork taco. Fans will enjoy barbacoa, carnitas and pollo asado tacos. Delish!

Golden Spike. How about gourmet burgers featuring Harris Ranch beef? Enjoy The Golden Spike not only offers some great food, but a taste of Sacramento’s history as well.

Raley’s. It wouldn’t be Raley Field without featuring its namesake. The Raley’s storefront will offer several sandwiches, unique to the ballpark – and with baseball term names to boot. There’s the Grand Salami, High Heat and Hot Corner to name a few.

Sweet Spot. After you’ve enjoyed your gourmet tacos, hot dog or burger, you’ll want to head over to Sweet Spot for dessert. Now, Sweet Spot is the cutest little storefront that you’ll ever see at a baseball game! Once you get past all that cuteness, you’ll want to order something fabulous like the root beer float, spiked shakes (you heard that right – how about a bourbon shake?) or other frozen desserts suitable for adults and kids alike.

Now, if, after reading about all the grand new food offerings at Raley Field you are a little worried that you won’t be able to get your old ballpark favorites (peanuts, popcorn, cracker jacks and a good old-fashioned hot dog), don’t worry. All new storefronts, in addition to their new gourmet entrees and snacks, will also sell all your baseball favorites. Phew!