Art is where you find it!  (photo by Jackie Williams)Dumpsters as art? Yes indeed. Anything you will find in a traditional painting or sculpture exhibit you will find through the end of August at the Art of the Dumpster exhibit at the corner of Power Inn Road and Cucuamonga Avenue (just off Highway 50 south of Folsom Boulevard) in Sacramento. Whimsy, allegory -- it’s all here.

The exhibit is the idea of Sally Freedlander and is supported/sponsored by Power Inn Alliance members. These works elevating the humble dumpster were created by 10 local artists. Come take a look. You can attend the Second Saturday Art Walk events July 12 and August 9. Among other works, you will see (images below):

Trash Talking 2014  -- Marc Emerson
Smooth texture, bright colors.

Rivers United Series  -- Brenda Louie
Cool blues, like under the sea or a summer night sky.

Lakeview  -- Joy Bertinuson

An interactive work; when operational (i.e. Second Saturdays), functions as art, community space, and a venue for magnetic poetry.

Feliz Cumpleaños Solo Madera  -- Gioia Fonda
My walking buddy Jackie and I like how different colors and patterns are used on the various parts of this lively abstract work, especially the sparkly paint! You can go around two or three times before noticing everything.

Bulldozer with Passengers  -- Jim Piskoti
Made us smile and stare at the same time. Notice the LED smoke and the skunks with glowing eyes.  He knows Granite Park area!

Waldeinsamskeit  -- Susan Silvester
Beautiful detail in the bees.  See that skunk? Back up a few steps and line your vision up so that the painted tree trunks have actual foliage from the nearby sycamore trees.

The Sky Begins At Your Feet  -- Robert Ortbal
A reflective work: What do you see in this mirror?

There are more dumpsters in the complete exhibit -- 10 in all.  Come down to Granite Park and see the rest for yourself! Bring your imagination and walk around and enjoy. Art is where you find it! For more information, click here.  

View of Trash Talking 2014 from inside LakeviewBeside each artwork a plaque with title and artist, plus a few words from the artist.Variety of colors and textures make Cumpleanos a vibrant work.See that skunk!  Note the glowing green eyes.Check it out – painted trunks and living foliage!  (Waldeinsamkeit)Blog writer in a reflective moment.