You don't need to be a CEO or CFO to debate whether a conference app justifies its cost. We recently received estimates from $750 to $20,000! Like you, your convention delegates want meeting information that is convenient and easy to find.

The Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau (SCVB) has collaborated with Lambda Alpha International to create a microsite that communicates logistics, schedules, off-site events, and interactive maps for its upcoming Land Economics Weekend. The page is optimized for PC users... but smartphone users -- both iPhone and Android fans -- can access the same beneficial information about your event!

Our microsites cost much less than apps; planners simply book a minimum number of room nights. More importantly, our microsites save planners time. These customized sites are immediately viewable across all platforms.

In contrast, apps need to be re-designed to meet requirements of each platform or operating system. Then they go through a lengthy process to get approved for display in app stores... and delegates have to search for them.    

Sacramento Convention Services Customizes LAI's Land Economics Weekend Site

More and more planners are finding value in this convention service. The one-stop source draws together details about downtown Sacramento hotels, dining, tourist attractions, maps, and the calendar of events  

Contact the Convention Services Dept. to learn more about developing a microsite to spur a gold rush to your next conference or trade show in Sacramento!