Let us help you plan your group's trip to Sacramento!The thing that makes hidden fees so tricky is that – just as the name implies – they’re hidden. You never know when they’re going to rear their ugly little hidden heads. And whether it’s an unexpected parking fee or an extra charge for a museum docent, hidden fees are never any fun. So if you’re booking group tours in a city like Sacramento that maybe you’re not super-familiar with, how are you supposed to sniff out these hidden little monsters? Well, the simple answer is to contact us here at the Sacramento CVB. We are the Sacramento experts and we work closely with all our Sacramento attractions, restaurants and other partners so we know all the potential pitfalls.

Our goal is to make booking groups into Sacramento as easy as possible, so we work with our local partners to eliminate and simplify hidden fees.

When we help you book a local hotel, restaurant or atWork with us to avoid being surprised by hidden fees.traction, we’ll always give you the pricing details you need for your budget. Sacramento hotel rates we collect will always include info on taxes, parking fees, porterage fees and – if requested - the cost of breakfast. Enjoy downtown Sacramento dining, where pricing will always include all taxes and gratuity. We can help you find the best place to park a motorcoach downtown. And if you’re using Sacramento International Airport, we can help you navigate the parking and passenger loading system over there.

We’re here to help! Give us a call or email us today!