Nestled in the bustling heart of Midtown Sacramento, a new fitness haven has emerged that can help us turn our new year’s resolutions into reality. G6 Performance Training is the place where our determination meets its match, or maybe it’s just where our love handles meet their doom. Either way, we got the inside scoop from owners Nick Pohl and Gabe Lemon on why their facility is perfect for the athlete who wants to enhance their abilities, as well as the fitness newbie who hasn’t done a push-up since making last year’s resolutions.


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Photo courtesy of G6 Performance Training

G6 Performance Training is a dedicated space equipped with various exercise and fitness equipment, designed to support individuals in achieving their physical fitness goals. The facility offers a range of workout options, including treadmills, stationary bicycles, and strength training equipment such as weights and resistance machines. It also has a great space for personal training sessions.

One of Nick’s favorite reasons for owning G6 is the opportunity to provide a sanctuary where individuals can build confidence, cultivate positive habits, and escape the challenges of the real world. He works hard at finding innovative ways to enhance the experience for the vibrant community that calls G6 home. The facility is designed to focus on total human performance, ensuring that every aspect of a person’s journey is taken into account.

One of the distinctive features of G6 is its advanced performance testing. Using tools like force plates and GPS, trainers can assess athletes to provide invaluable insights into their abilities. Equipped with technology typically reserved for professional sports teams, they can conduct testing that is trackable with performance metrics. G6 Performance Training has emerged as a pioneering force that coaches from clubs such as Sacramento United have been utilizing to better their athletes. These performance tests are available to anyone at any fitness level.


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Photo courtesy of G6 Performance Training

Having the information from the testing and the tools that the facility provides is key to one’s success. With personal, small group, and large group training both at their facility as well as a variety of outdoor locations around the Sacramento area, it’s not hard to find what works for each individual. They’ve also teamed up with a classically trained chef who has worked with some of the top world-class athletes to provide nutrition guidance through personalized and one-on-one virtual cooking lessons.

G6 Performance Training doesn’t just offer the usual gym amenities; it provides an elevated experience with a cold plunge soaking tub, compression sleeves, massage guns, and an infrared sauna. Additionally, the in-house physical therapy office attests to G6’s commitment to comprehensive well-being. The urban chic vibe, complete with brick from floor to ceiling and an appealing color palette, creates an atmosphere that is as cozy as your favorite hoodie or gym shorts. Beyond the amenities and décor, it’s the camaraderie and the friendly staff that truly make G6 a home away from home – where gains are celebrated, and the occasional workout struggle is met with a knowing nod and smile.

G6 Performance Training is not just a gym; As Nick stated, "It's a movement that invites individuals to redefine themselves". From cutting-edge performance testing technology to community building, G6 is poised to make a lasting impact in Sacramento’s fitness landscape. G6 Performance Training invites you to check them out and discover a fitness experience that transcends the ordinary. What are you waiting for? Schedule your assessment and training today at Your new you will thank you.