Click here for more information about adding Sacramento to your group tour itinerary.Northern California is full of iconic highlights such as Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, wine country and more. If your groups are coming to California for the first time (or for the twentieth, really) there’s a good chance they will be visiting at least one of those spots. And right smack in the middle of all those icons, Sacramento waits with open arms to welcome visitors for an authentic, laidback California experience filled with colorful history, locally grown culinary experiences, breathtaking outdoor adventure, world class attractions and more.

Adding Sacramento to your California itinerary is easy, affordable and fun.  Just a few things to consider:

  1. Sacramento’s location makes it easy to add to an itinerary. You’re probably already driving through. Stick around for a while!
  2. It’s the perfect stop between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Pacific Ocean and makes it easy to get to either.
  3. Consider flying into to Sacramento International Airport to save time and money when visiting Napa, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe and more. Flights are often cheaper and you won’t have the stress of driving all the way through the congested traffic in the Bay Area.
  4. Sacramento offers more affordable hotel rates than many of Northern California’s better known destinations, but doesn’t add any extra driving time. Instead of driving that extra hour at night for your $400 a night hotel in wine country. Stay with us at a Sacramento hotel, save a lot of money, and finish the drive in the morning. Just sayin’….
  5. Visitors to Sacramento will experience an authentic California city, low on tourist traps and high on true experiences with history, food, art and outdoor adventure.
  6. Adding Sacramento to your itinerary separates you from the crowd and offers your groups a unique trip to call their own. No one wants to have the exact same vacation photos as all their friends.

Sacramento is too good of a secret to keep any longer. Come on through, say hello, and see what we have to offer.  It’s easy! 

And we are here to help you plan your trip and get the best deals when you add Sacramento to your group tour itinerary.  Contact us to get started.