Gaspachos USA

5385 Franklin Blvd. Suite L Sacramento, CA 95820
: (916) 882-8182
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Gaspachos is a family-owned, health-conscious, fruit-cup and Mexican food concept. It is dedicated to sharing healthier Mexican food options inspired by Mexican recipes with the community. The brand started by selling fruit cups at festivals and farmer’s markets in Northern California. By the end of 2018, the business had grown from a few family employees to a staff of dozens during high season. In 2019 the first Gaspachos’ brick and mortar opened in South Sacramento, and in the spring of 2022 the restaurant, Gaspachos 2.0 opened in the Arden area. Through the years Gaspachos has been able to put a face to the Mexican fruit cup with healthy, signature fruit recipes deeply rooted in Mexican culture that people appreciate and enjoy.
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