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Sacramento Filming History

Feature films, television shows/movies and reality shows shot in Sacramento.

Ballbuster (Independent) 2018

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern (Travel Channel) 2018

Gordon Ramsey: 24 Hours to Hell and Back  (Fox) 2017

Lady Bird (Independent) 2016

Stranded (Independent) 2016

Ghost Hunters (Travel Channel) 2016

Not Your Year (Independent) 2015

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (E!) 2014

American Pickers (History) 2014

House Hunters International (HGTV) 2014

Jersey Cousins (HGTV) 2014

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (Paramount Pictures) 2013

The Bachelor (ABC) 2013

The Voice (NBC) 2013

King of Arms (AMC) 2013

The Ultimate Fighter (FX) 2013

Total Divas (E!) 2013

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Bravo) 2013

House Crashers, Yard Crashers (DIY) 2013

Real Housewives of Beverley Hills (Bravo) 2012

Bath Crashers, Turf Wars, Yard Crashers, Yard Core (DIY Network) 2012

The Mentalist (CBS) 2012

Yard Crashers, House Crashers, Yard Core, Turf Wars (DIY Network) 2011

The Ultimate Fighter (FX Network) 2011

My Extreme Animal Phobia (Animal Planet) 2011

The Mentalist (CBS) 2011

Halloween Special (HGTV) 2010

180 Days (India) 2010

House Crashers, Yard Crashers, Turf Wars (DIY Network) 2010

The Mentalist (CBS) 2010

The Mentalist (CBS) 2009

The Ugly Truth (Columbia) 2008

Big Love (HBO) 2008

Memoirs of a Geisha (Columbia) 2005

Her Minor Thing 2004

Gone but not Forgotten 2003

Love Comes Softly (Hallmark) 2003

The Assassination of Richard Nixon (ARN) 2003

Straight From the Heart 2002

Path to War (HBO) 2001

Lucky Numbers (Paramount) 2000

Almost Famous (DreamWorks) 1999

Rocky & Bullwinkle (Universal) 1999

American Beauty (DreamWorks) 1999

The General's Daughter (Paramount) 1998

Life (Universal) 1998

Blood, Gut, Bullets and Octane (Short Fuse Films) 1998

Letters From A Killer (HBO) 1997

George Wallace (HBO) 1997

Smoke Jumpers (NBC) 1996

Second Civil War (HBO) 1996

Deadly Seductions (CBS) 1996

Trigger Effect 1995

Spring Awakening (CBS) 1994

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman 1994

Panther (Gramercy) 1994

What's Love Got To Do With It 1993

American Me (Universal) 1992

Pink Cadillac (Warner Bros.) 1989

River’s Edge (Island) 1987

Records from 1936-1986 are unavailable

Steamboat 'Round the Bend (Fox) 1935

Showboat (Universal) 1935

Mississippi (Paramount) 1935

Mandalay (Warner Brothers) 1933

The Conquerors (RKO) 1932

Huckleberry Finn (Paramount) 1931

Heaven on Earth (Universal) 1931

Fighting Caravans (Paramount) 1931

Tom Sawyer (Paramount) 1931

River's End (Warner Brothers) 1930

The Mississippi Gambler (Universal) 1929

Evangeline (United Artists) 1929

Cameo Kirby (Fox) 1929

Show Boat (Universal) 1928

The Michigan Kid (Universal) 1928

Give and Take (Universal) 1928

Steamboat Bill, Jr. (Keaton) 1927

Shanghai Bound (Famous Players/Lasky) 1927

The Volga Boatman (DeMille) 1925

Tower of Lies (MGM) 1925

Stage Struck (Famous Players/Lasky) 1925

Ship of Souls (Universal) 1925

The Pony Express (Famous Players/Lasky) 1925

The Wilderness (1st National) 1924

Wanderer of the Wasteland (Famous Players/Lasky) 1924

Tess of the U'rbervilles (MGM) 1924

The Man Without a Country (Fox) 1924

The Iron Horse (Fox) 1924

Free and Equal - Re-issue (Ince) 1924

California in '49 (Arrow) 1924

The Last Frontier (Ince/Metro) 1923

The Hill Billy (Jack Pickford) 1923

Dulcy (Talmadge) 1923

Covered Wagon (Famous Players/Lasky) 1923

Cameo Kirby (Fox) 1923

Youth to Youth (Metro) 1922

A Modern Jean Val Jean (Hagan) 1922

The Fast Mail (Fox) 1921

Hell Diggers (Famous Players/Lasky) 1921

The Jack Knife Man (Vidor) 1920

Huckleberry Finn (Famous Players/Lasky) 1919

Wagon Tracks (Hart) 1919

Cameo Kirby (Famous Players/Lasky) 1914

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