The STAB! Mic

1710 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818
: (916) 970-7822
Hosted by the rotating crew of Sacramento's finest Stand-Up Talent, the STAB! mic at STAB! Comedy Theater continues to offer the most open, inviting and supportive environment to help new and established comedians grow and thrive! Sign-ups begin at 8pm sharp, with 15-20 spots available for the evening (with potential to expand, depending on how the host feels). So come on out, try some new stuff, experiment, play and tinker. Take a chance at STAB! *STAB! is committed to the safest, most responsible accommodations possible. In respect to those around you, conduct yourselves appropriately in a manner to protect your fellow attendees from any potential dangers. If you feel unwell, please, DO NOT ATTEND.