The Arena: STAB!'s Improv Cage Match

1710 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818
: (916) 970-7822
The Arena returns and YOU can step inside for Improv Glory! Every Sunday at 8pm, two teams of improv performers compete for audience votes to decide who reigns supreme in the STAB! Comedy Theater Arena! Sacramento's premier Improv Cage Match gives performers: new, experienced and everywhere in between, the opportunity to get up on stage and compete for bragging rights, the adoration of the crowd, and the crown of Arena Champion! Wanna participate? Follow the link and sign up and you'll be given the next available date. Wanna decide improv fate? Come on down and enjoy two 20 minute improv sets from two teams of local improvisors. (Come out early and you can get on stage your own self in STAB!'s Sunday 7pm Improv Jam) Hosted by the mysterious Mr. Improv #1, it's The Arena: STAB!'s Improv Cage Match! Throw your hat into the Arena? Sign up your team at: If you can't make it out in person -- don't worry, all of our Live, In person shows will be streamed through STAB! Comedy Theater TV on Twitch, YouTube and facebook live for free as always! (Though, you know, donations and virtual ticket purchases are always encouraged) Tune in at or * We at STAB! are committed to the safest, most responsible accommodations possible. In respect to those around you, we expect you to conduct yourselves appropriately in a manner to protect your fellow attendees from any potential dangers. If you feel unwell, please, DO NOT ATTEND.