Synthesis: Art Exhibition by Joyce Pierce

1020 Front Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
: (916) 642-9415
Melding her passion for sustainability with her expertise in jewelry design, Joyce Pierce crafts a mesmerizing art collection entirely from upcycled elements. Adorning reclaimed canvas prints, Pierce has assembled a new collection for this exhibition using recycled copper, beads, old watch dials, keys, and bicycle inner tubes. Embellishing two-dimensional prints and paintings with three-dimensional jewelry components, each piece is a unique mosaic of varied floral pieces, sparkling gems, and hand-stamped copper. Inspired by the materials themselves, Pierce gives new life to second-hand supplies. While Pierce’s assemblage process is intuitive, she is purpose-driven in sourcing materials. Recycling, reuse, and upcycling is important to Pierce, and she aims to make a difference in how we make use of discarded materials. Atrium 916 is a nonprofit that supports over 800 eco-friendly artists in the Sacramento region with artist studios and programs designed to collaborate, educate, and innovate towards the regenerative omni-considerate future this planet needs, with sustainability solutions, creative space and activations. Atrium’s is an gallery and sustainable gift shop, featuring all local artists and creative makers in Sacramento County. Paint a canvas, reusable tote bag, or sculpt with clay at out art cafe - serving art not food. The Atrium has been named as one of the most unique eco-friendly places in Northern California with floor-to-ceiling accordion French doors that open to the patio.