STAB! Presents: A Live Monthly Music Showcase

1710 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818
: (916) 970-7822
Live music returns to STAB! Music Hall with a regular monthly program produced by Cory Barringer, STAB! Presents! Come out and enjoy live music performed in the intimate listening room that is the STAB! Music Hall. No bad seat in the house, acoustically rawk, all bangers, no clangers (unless they get any clangcore bands, then all clangers) with STAB! Presents! If you can't make it out in person, don't worry! All of the live, in person shows will be streamed through <a href="">STAB! Comedy Theater TV</a> on <a href="">Twitch</a>, <a href="">YouTube</a>, and <a href="">Facebook Live</a> for free as always! (Though, you know, donations and virtual ticket purchases are always encouraged) *If you feel unwell, do not attend. Any refunds for any reason will be accepted and honored.