So Bad, It's Good Film Festival

3522 Stockton Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95820
: (916) 995-0226
Love Horror Events and The Sacramento Horror Film Festival proudly presents...The "So Bad, It's Good" Film Festival 2023 (SBIGFF)! Hosted by Rob Roberts! SBIGFF is a celebration of objectively bad cinema that we love! Purchase a full festival pass to see all three films or buy an ala carte ticket to watch a single film of interest. Film one: Ed Wood's <em>Plan 9 from Outer Space</em> With special video introduction by Cinema Insomnia's Mr. Lobo. Residents of California's San Fernando Valley are under attack by flying saucers from outer space. The aliens, led by Eros (Dudley Manlove) and his assistant, Tanna (Joanna Lee), intend to conquer the planet by resurrecting corpses in a Hollywood cemetery. The living dead -- a cape-wearing ghoul (Bela Lugosi), a vampire (Vampira) and a slow-footed cop (Tor Johnson) who was killed for his nosiness -- stalk curious humans who wander into the cemetery looking for evidence of the UFOs. Film two: <em>Troll 2</em> With special guest Darren Ewing. When young Joshua (Michael Stephenson) learns that he will be going on vacation with his family to a small town called Nilbog, he protests adamantly. He is warned by the spirit of his deceased grandfather that goblins populate the town. His parents, Michael (George Hardy) and Diana (Margo Prey), dismiss his apprehensions, but soon learn to appreciate their son's warnings. Guided by his grandfather's ghost, will Joshua and his family stand a chance in fighting off these evil beings? Film three: <em>The Room</em> 20th Anniversary with Greg Sestero in attendance. Johnny is a successful banker who lives happily in a San Francisco townhouse with his fiancée, Lisa. One day, inexplicably, she gets bored of him and decides to seduce Johnny's best friend, Mark. From there, nothing will be the same again. The guests of honor Darren Ewing and Greg Sestero will be in attendance for Q&A, meet and greets, and autographs.