Sinister Creature Con

6151 H St., Sacramento, CA 95819
: (916) 995-0226
Sinister Creature Con returns in 2023! SFX. Make-up. Horror icons. Panels. Cosplay! Sinister Creature Con is Northern California's premiere horror convention spectacular! If you love horror, Sinister Creature Con is the home for you! <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Featured guests:</span> -Nick Castle (<em>The Shape</em>, John Carpenter's <em>Halloween</em>) -Jason Mewes (<em>Clerks</em>, <em>Clerks 2</em>, and <em>Clerks 3</em>) -Jeff Anderson (<em>Clerks</em>, <em>Clerks 2</em>, and <em>Clerks 3</em>) -Brian O'Halloran (<em>Clerks</em>, <em>Clerks 2</em>, and <em>Clerks 3</em>) -Nancy Allen (<em>RoboCop</em>) -Clint Howard (<em>Ice Cream Man</em>, <em>Apollo 13</em>) -Jeffrey Combs (<em>Re-Animator</em>, <em>The Frighteners</em>) -Scout Taylor Compton (Rob Zombies <em>Halloween</em> and <em>Halloween II</em>) -Rachel True (<em>The Craft</em>) -Noel G (<em>Fast and Furious</em>) -Lord Bloodrah (<em>Horror Host</em>) -Miss Misery (<em>Horror Host</em>) <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Featured artists:</span> -Nicole Chilelli (<em>Face Off</em>) -Keaghlan Ashley (<em>Face Off</em>) Face Coverings are optional. Some above featured guests may require mask wear before approaching their table. Bring your mask.