Screen Time

1050 20th St., Ste. 130, Sacramento, CA 95811
: (916) 444-3137
Screen Time is an interactive improv show that asks the audience to slide into our DMs and send us your favorite pictures or honest answers on that week's prompt. We may ask you to send us a picture of your favorite birthday present or text us the tale of your first kiss. The cast of Screen Time will then get to know the story behind the submissions and perform long form improv based off of our new real life friends. Screen Time is: -Charlotte Hoar -Coreen Lemcke -Dustin Seidler -Gilbert Gonzalez -Grant Potter -Hayden Winfield -Hillary Niblock -Danny Outlaw -Kacie Shingara -Kevin Cooley -Mike LaRosa -Sam Harrison -Sara Aghamohammadi -Tessa Brown