Sacramento French Film Festival 2021

1100 12th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
: (916) 455 9390
The Sacramento French Film Festival is proud to present an assorted collection of wonderful new films that will take you on a cinematic journey to Algeria, Austria, Sicily, Tunisia, and various regions of France. Comedy, romance, mystery, suspense, history, animation, award-winning films. There is something for every taste! The 2021 edition of the Festival will be mostly virtual, with 9 brand-new features presented on its streaming platform accessible from all over the U.S. This summer also marks our return to theaters with three films presented in-person at the Esquire IMAX & the Crest Theatres. These three films will be shown one time only and will not be available to view online. Films Screenings in Theaters: June 20 at Esquire IMAX Theatre -3pm: Josep -5pm: Bye Bye Morons June 26 at Crest Theatre: -3pm: They Were Five Virtual Film Screenings: -June 18: Love Affair(s) -June 19: Faithful -June 20: Appearances -June 21: De Gaulle -June 22: Delete History -June 23: The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily -June 24: Red Soil -June 25: A Son -June 26: All Hands on Deck