Sacramento Bachata and Salsa Festival

2001 Point West Way, Sacramento, CA 95815
The Sacramento Bachata and Salsa Festival is a three-day/four-night event located at the DoubleTree by Hilton Sacramento. Featuring 75 dance workshops from internationally renowned instructors who have shaped dancing around the world, you can expect full immersion in salsa and bachata, and even round out your palette with technique, hip-hop, lap dance, rueda, and cumbia workshops! Following workshops, there will be pool parties, live performances, and dancing until the morning! Artists include: -Oliver Marcelo Pineda (Australia) -Melvin y Gatica (France and Spain) -Alien Ramirez (Cuba) -Will y Noura (Italy) -Ofir and Ofri (Israel) -Fausto Felix (New York) -Cristian Oviedo (Los Angeles) -Gaby Equiz (Mexico) -Luis Mujica Castellano (Mexico) -Javier and Kiki (Los Angeles) -Alejandro Rey (Los Angeles) -Maria Ramos (New York) -Erika Saucillo Rivera (Los Angeles) -Karol Maracas (Los Angeles) -Mike Del Campo (Sacramento) -Kathy Reyes (Berkeley) -Monique Manzo (Reno) -John and Liz (San Jose) -Jose Luis Gutierrez (Miami) -Emellie Andagan (Sacramento) -Mariah Burkhart (Reno) -Bryon and Samm (San Francisco) -Andrew Cervantez (Sacramento) -Eddie Peligro (Phoenix) -Zweli Barton (Los Angeles) -Tony and Gracie (Los Angeles) -Carlos and Michelle (Richmond) -Mireille Ruiz (San Jose) -Kayla and Brian (Seattle) -Vanessa y Guillermo (Mountain View) -Oscar Castaneda (Sacramento) -Emmanuel Saucedo (Stockton) -Robert and Deisy (Sacramento) -Helen Vazquez (San Jose) -Nicole Lazo (Sacramento) Note: The Festival is not responsible for any injuries incurred at event