Rosa Parks Gala Farm-to-Fork Friday Dinner and VFW Post 67 Black History Month Celebration

2784 Stockton Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95817
: (916) 450-1912
February 4, 1913, Rosa Louise McCauley Parks was born and her lifetime legacy of service continues to inspire dignity, strength faith and courage. Her service to the Air Force Civilian Corp, NAACP and as "Patron Saint" to the Montgomery Women's Political Council, long before her "Bus Ride to Freedom" is slowly but surely coming to light. This VFW Post 67 Black History Month Celebration will showcase a sampling of our Sacramento Regional Black Veterans; the long standing historical connection through the Bear Flag Revolt, US Colored Troops, California Buffalo Soldiers, WWI, Tuskegee Airman in WWII, Korea, Vietnam and ongoing service to our nation.