Ron Cunningham's Peter and the Wolf Sensory-Friendly Dance

2700 Capitol Ave., Sacramento, CA 95816
: (916) 541-0773
Join Sensory Friendly Dance for a ballet performance of Ron Cunningham’s Peter and the Wolf on Saturday August 21st at The Sofia, home of B Street Theatre. This family friendly children’s ballet invites everyone, especially the autistic community, into an inclusive theater environment to enjoy the beauty of dance and the power of a shared arts experience. By making accommodations to the theater such as leaving the lights on and lowering the music volume, as well as relaxing traditional theater rules by allowing audience members to enter and exit as needed, play with fidget toys, dance, talk, and sing along during the performance, a climate of acceptance and understanding is cultivated to help everyone feel welcomed at a ballet performance. A safe space in the lobby will be provided with noise-cancelling headphones, fidget toys, and behavior therapists on hand.