Ricochet: When Gun Violence Rebounds Back on the Community

2837 36th Street, Sacramento, CA 95817
: (916) 475-1240
Art is healing. It is also an act of resistance. Through times of upheaval, or unrest, or through moments where cries have echoed into the silence, artists have taken the responsibility of finding ways to transmute the experience of their people into beauty. Brickhouse Art Gallery is proud to present an artistic act of resistance in their newest show, Ricochet: When Gun Violence Rebounds Back on the Community. Different artists will come together to show their own interpretation of how gun violence impacts communities, whether directly or through ripple effects. Through their work we will have the opportunity to come together in catharsis and in reflection to look at the concept through an artist's lens. Artists and Photographers: Refa1 Barbara Range Paint in Full Shawntay Gorman Aeos One Steph Heyward Samuel Lewis Malek Paige Sara Scott