Paul Conyers

1207 Front St., Sacramento, CA 95814
: (916) 446-8128
Paul Conyers is a comedian from the San Francisco Bay Area. He's been able to perform all over California and beyond. He is excited to continue his comedy journey by entertaining one disinterested dive bar crowd at a time. Here's some cool stuff that's happened to him: -Released debut special in 2020, <em>Above The Fray</em>, which you can download <a href="" rel="nofollow">here</a>. -Winner of the 2020 World Series of Comedy Main Event in Las Vegas, NV. -Performed in the SF Sketchfest Comedy Festival 2019 and 2020 -Performed at the Big Pine Comedy Festival, Oakland Comedy Festival, and more -Currently playing on SiriusXM Radio, Spotify, and Pandora -Performed at <em>Laughs for Life</em>, a benefit for San Francisco Suicide Prevention -Paid regular at clubs and casinos all over the U.S. and Canada -One time he rode a saddled triceratops at the Creation Museum in Boone County, Kentucky and he looked less than thrilled: He lives in the East Bay with his wife and their dog Scooter, who once ate two full Pay Day candy bars that were supposed to be for me.