Paint and Sculpt Clay Ornaments

1020 Front Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
: (916) 642-9415
Atrium 916, One Of The Most Unique And Eco-Friendly Stores In California, Serves Art Not Food on a golden platter to your table as you are served your first order of art, might it be clay ornament sculpting, or painting a canvas. All are welcome to make art on our patio in scenic Old Sacramento. Open 5 days a week. Atrium 916 is a nonprofit art cafe that serves art, not food on a shaded garden patio. Yummy Sacramento-brewed kombucha, a pot of tea, or hot cider can be paired with your art activities. By painting with us you are helping support our nonprofit organization. We serve gourmet art: paint water and paint colors are refreshed, offered along with large sides of kindness. Talented trained artists will serve your art supplies and guide you on your creative journey to paint, sculpt or create whatever you like. Apart from clay sculpting and canvas painting - the Atrium is also a sustainable gallery and gift shop supporting local artists with a baby grand piano inside waiting for magical fingers to play it. Inside the Atrium 916 gallery found online as Sacramento. Shop you will find upcycled, eco-friendly unique art and innovative products with a zero-waste twist. Wallets and messenger bags made out of tires, reusable water balloons, and even boomboxes made from upcycled lunchboxes and suitcases. From clothes to electronics, wall art to kitchen wares, the Atrium Gallery Store inspires creativity and ingenuity. Atrium 916 is a 501c3 nonprofit, on a mission to design out waste, build a circular economy and enrich the local creative community to be sustainable both environmentally and economically. By creating art with us you are supporting the mission, helping us make a zero-waste future happen sooner. Thank you.