Oaxaca en Sacramento

2700 Front St, Sacramento, CA 95818
The Latino Center of Art and Culture is proud to announce the 3rd annual Oaxaca en Sacramento: Honoring the Mondays of the Hill. This event commemorates the Oaxacan indigenous celebration of community love known as “La Guelaguetza.” Guelaguetza is an indigenous tradition that has been preserved for over 500 years. It has pre-hispanic roots where ancient Zapotecs made offerings to the agricultural gods as appreciation for their harvest, at a hill known as el Cerro de Bella Vista. Guelaguetza makes reference to cooperation and reciprocity, a culture of community sharing and reciprocal exchange of gifts that creates strong bonds between the eight diverse regions across the state of Oaxaca. The programming for Oaxaca en Sacramento will consist of presentations from dance groups of the eight regions of Oaxaca (Los Valles Centrales, Cañada, Tuxtepec, Mixteca, Costa, Sierra Sur, Sierra Norte and Istmo de Tehuantepec) and will also include Oaxacan food vendors and handicrafts. This program is part of the Latino Center’s ongoing commitment to co-create programming with community members. This year’s Oaxaca en Sacramento event was organized by a steering committee of community leaders alongside Latino Center board members. Part of our mission to elevate and honor the voices of our Latine community is to also give community members a say in how programs are produced.