Mike E Winfield

1207 Front Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
: (916) 446-8128
“Frighteningly creative! Almost family friendly." His comedy is refreshing and relatable in a way that makes him a comedic genius. Hailing from Baltimore, MD, Mike E. moved to California to pursue comedy and to escape the rough streets of Baltimore, remembering how he found a gun under his Mom’s pillow as a child, and thought, “I can't wait for my teeth to fall out." “One of the most brilliant comedians you will ever witness. A must see show!" The comedy scene felt natural to him and he embraced it raking up credits such as The Late Show with David Letterman, a reoccurring role on NBC’s The Office, Brad Paisley’s Comedy Rodeo on Netflix, an Emmy Nomination, and multiple movies in post production, one with the rapper DMX called PIMP. Somehow in the midst of rising to the top, he had to grow up quickly because he fell in love and married an older woman with a child. That was actually the problem, he wasn’t ready to be a husband, so he made many mistakes within the marriage . He has since learned and developed a bond with his stepson, whom he jokingly refers to as StepMAN because they’re close in age. He takes his ups and downs in his life and marriage and turns them into jewels he releases on stage. He often jokes about the age difference and his wife treating him like a kid, for instance in the grocery store she yells in front of everyone, “You better not throw anything extra in the shopping cart.” His response? “Well that’s hard for me to do while I’m sitting in it!”