KSGMC 202.1FM: Holiday Hits with a Splash of Sass

2700 L St., Sacramento, CA 95816
: (877) 283-1567
After 18 months of pandemic-required shuttering, the Sacramento Gay Men's Chorus is over the moon to be rehearsing for the 2021 Holiday Show! One hundred and five voices strong, the chorus is led by new Artistic Director Christian Bohm, whose vision is taking the group to new heights. The KSGMC 202.1FM: Holiday Hits with A Splash of Sass! concert is a family-friendly show with traditional seasonal favorites, showstoppers from prior years, and a few new surprises to make the season even brighter. The audience will be treated to a modern "radio show" format bringing them through a rollercoaster of emotions (laughter, sadness, beauty, justice, thought-provoking) that will leave them awed and changed. Start the Holiday season with a Splash of Sass! All audience members will be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to keep our singers and audience safe.