King Lear

1723 25th Street, Sacramento, CA 95816
We are starting off with a bang! California Stage presents King Lear, by William Shakespeare California Theatre Creations is thrilled to announce the upcoming production of “King Lear”, a Shakespearian theatrical experience that promises to captivate audiences with its retelling of this masterpiece. King Lear, exhausted from years of war, divides his power and land between his daughters Goneril and Regan, who pay fawning homage to gain favor, while harboring deep resentment against both their father and their younger sister. The King's third daughter, Cordelia, is offered a third of his kingdom also, but refuses to be insincere in her praise and affection. As a result, she is disowned, but weds the noble King of France. Meanwhile, the villainous Edmund, illegitimate son of the Earl of Gloucester, plots against his father and his legitimate half-brother Edgar. Lear, accompanied by his loyal Fool and the disguised Earl of Kent, wander the moors, Lear slowly going mad.  Gloucester, supporting Lear against his two evil daughters, is caught, and punished horribly. Cordelia returns to try to save her father and a war begins. Produced By: Ray Tatar Directed By: Steven M. Crain Characters / Actors: Lear / Harry Stoner Gloucester / Marcus Daniel Kent / Tyler Anderson Cordelia / Rylee Nicole Goneril / Adriana Marmo Regan / Jen Smuda Edgar / Andre’ Ramey Edmund / Monica Vejar The Fool / Cameron Ngai Albany / Sheldon Carpenter Curan / Denise Anderson Oswald / Noah Harris France / Michael Duff-Kelly Cornwall / Jess Soldiers / Xavier Enrique-Romero, Brendan Davidson Doctor / Martin Ide