Keaton's 11th Annual Glow for Gold Gala

2300 Sierra Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95825
: (916) 784-6786
Keaton’s Child Cancer Alliance's 11th Annual Gala event will take place at The Center at 2300, Sacramento, California. This is our largest event of the year, featuring a Roaring Twenties theme. <p class="zw-paragraph heading3" data-header="3" data-margin-bottom="0pt" data-hd-info="3" data-line-height="1.2" data-doc-id="2203116000000871007" data-doc-type="writer">You will enjoy:</p> • Fabulous Food • Signature Cocktails • Live Entertainment • Silent and Live Auctions starring the energetic and enthusiastic Freddie Silveria, FSA Auctions • Special Surprises and More!