John Morris Ross IV

1710 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818
: (916) 970-7822
Do you like John Morris Ross IV? What about John Morris Ross IV? Well if you like John Morris Ross IV then we think you're gonna love John Morris Ross IV! Comedian John Morris Ross IV begins a four week residency at STAB! Comedy Theater. Ross will be experimenting with your understanding of Comedy and what it's capable of in this new examination of thought and sound and thoughtful sound. And also jokes, if that's your thing... Come for the John Morris Ross IV, but STAY for the John Morris Ross IV! *STAB! is committed to the safest, most responsible accommodations possible. Masks will remain recommended if not required moving forward. In respect to those around you, we expect you to conduct yourselves appropriately in a manner to protect your fellow attendees from any potential dangers. If you feel unwell, please, DO NOT ATTEND.