Jessica Malone

2700 Capitol Ave., Sacramento, CA 95816
: (916) 443-5300
Invoking the soulfulness of Joni Mitchell, the raw power of Brandi Carlile, and the enchantment of First Aid Kit, Jessica Malone is not a mere blend of her influences but an acknowledgement of them--mixed with something purely singular and unique. Malone combines a sultry voice, introspective lyrics, and an earthy folk-roots backing band to create both a healing balm for troubled times and a soundtrack for happier days, mastering the art of the solo acoustic songbird confession while also celebrating a rambunctious and rollicking full sound. The winner of several SAMMIES (Sacramento Music Awards) as Artist of the Year, Singer-songwriter of the Year, and Folk/Bluegrass Artist of the Year, Malone, who holds a BA in Vocal Performance, currently resides in Northern California, where she performs regularly with her band. Her fourth soon-to-be-released album, The Alley Avenue Session, explores themes both personal and universal. On her new intimate new track, "House With a Yard," Malone leads with her decade-ago struggles with alcoholism--"I was young and stubborn as a thorn on a rose"--and concludes with a current truth: "I can't afford a house in California, with a yard" Finger-picked "Damn" explores the timeless ins and outs of relationships ("Now you're leavin', what other choice do I have?"), while fiddle-led fan-favorite "Porch Swing Sundays" chalks it all up to the mystery of nature: "That old moon, she's pulling me again--must have me confused with the tide." For fans of soulful folk, explorative alternative, and those wishing to reach the true heart of rock & roll, Malone's music is highly recommended as an authentic avenue to a rendezvous with a kindred spirit.