Jazz: The Evolution of an American Artform with Jacam Manricks

2700 Capitol Ave., Sacramento, CA 95816
: (916) 443-5300
The Jacam Manricks Band performs "The Evolution of an American Artform" – a History of Jazz concert and dialogue presentation. From the pioneering sounds of 1920’s Early Jazz, epitomized by the genius of Louis Armstrong, to the sophisticated rhythms of Swing led by Benny Goodman, and the revolutionary innovations of Charlie Parker in the Bebop era, this concert is a comprehensive exploration of Jazz's rich tapestry. Manricks and his exceptionally talented ensemble will chronologically guide the audience through the evolution of jazz, breaking down key musical characteristics that define jazz and each of its subgenres. Prepare to be entranced by the Jazz avant-garde expressions from the early to mid 1960’s and the combination of Funk, Rock and Jazz to form Jazz/Rock Fusion. Join us for an evening of musical brilliance that pays homage to the luminaries who shaped the diverse landscapes of Jazz, celebrating its evolution into the multifaceted art form it is today.