Freak Show Presented by the Scream Queens Gorelsque

3522 Stockton Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95820
Freak Show Cabaret Presented by The Scream Queens Gorelesque! Crazy. Raunchy. Sexy. Bizarre. Welcome to the Freak Show! Hosted by Rob Roberts. Your freaks and creeps for the evening include Dani Demize, Morgana Grimm, Siracha, Simone Thrillzz, Redd FaFilth, Chrisferrent, Mark Leathers, Drago Nesa, The Midtown Juggler, Mistress Kim, Scarlet Coup, Displayed Labors Side Show, and more to be unleashed! Adorn yourself in your circus and freak show best. Costumes encouraged but not required.