Fizzonomics 101 and 201

615 David J Stern Walk, Sacramento, CA 95814
: (916) 573-3909

Fizzonomics 101: Uncork the Bubbles

Embark on a sparkling adventure with Fizzonomics 101, an enthralling hour dedicated to the art and soul of champagne and sparkling wines. This immersive experience is your gateway to understanding the magic behind every bottle, from its historic origins to the exhilarating moment of the pop.

Fizzonomics 201: Deep Dive into Bubbles

Elevate your bubbly expertise with Fizzonomics 201, a curated session designed for those ready to delve deeper into the champagne cosmos. Over the course of an hour, this advanced guided tasting unfolds the intricate layers of champagne, from the vine to the flute.